Guidelines for Exhibit Proposals

Each group of at least four students will submit one exhibit proposal.  It is up to each group to agree upon a theme for the exhibit.  Proposals should be at least five pages (double spaced) and no more than seven pages.  Your proposal should include

  • A title for the exhibit
  • A list of all curators (group members)
  • A detailed rationale for the exhibit: What is your exhibit about?  What inspired you to choose this topic?  Why is this an important topic to address?  What has already been said about this topic?  What do you hope visitors will take away from the exhibit?
  • A description of the organization of the catalogue: What sub-topics will be addressed?  Who will be writing about what?
  • A preliminary list of films to be included in the exhibit
  • A preliminary list of scholarly sources that might be consulted in compiling the catalogue
  • Possible dates and times the curators can all meet with the museum director to discuss your proposal

Sample catalogues from print sources and from the web are available in the Final Project folder under Resources in Sakai.

Proposals are due March 18th by 11:59pm, by email to the museum director at