Alfred Hitchcock

The work of Alfred Hitchcock is supremely influential on the French New Wave’s Jean-Luc Godard and Francois Truffaut. Three influential films to be discussed will be The Lady Vanishes, Spellbound, and North by Northwest, each having been made in a different decade. In these films, stylistic choices and cinematic tendencies that place Hitchcock in the realm of auteur will be analyzed. Additionally, as written in The Genius of the System by Thomas Schatz, Hitchcock’s involvement in the studio system around the middle of his career is important as a background for Spellbound, most notably. Hitchcock is a director that is known for his complete control over his films even during a time when studios were so powerful. For example, when the marketing for Psycho was beginning, Hitchcock insisted and essentially demanded that audience members be in their seats before the film began and only left after the film ended in order not to miss any twists within the film. In addition to viewing the films, several sources help in pinpointing the characteristics of Hitchcock films and give useful historical background. Using the films and sources, Hitchcock’s characteristics and techniques can be examined to showcase what exactly makes Hitchcock, Hitchcock.

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