The 39 Steps to the Nouvelle Vague: Hitchock’s Influence on the French New Wave

Amanda Natiello, Greg Davis, Bobby Carney, Ryan Blaydes

François Truffaut and Jean-Luc Godard drew inspiration from Alfred Hitchcock. As “protoauteur,” Hitchcock’s film making methods and independence as producer/director drove them to create films that showcased their unique styles. In sources such as Cahiers du cinema, we can observe the growth and development of the Turks as both theorists and filmmakers, as well as the evolution of film theory itself. The filmmakers we have chosen to address are not only still relevant to this day, but they have also contributed films to the widely accepted canon of classic films. While Hitchcock, Truffaut and Godard have been written about, and have even written about each other, we wish to take a more visual and more detailed approach to the topic, and to address them within the context of each other’s works rather than as separate filmmakers. We hope that visitors will take away a new appreciation for Hitchcock and the new wave, and to see the foundations upon which this influential film movement was built.

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