Overview: History of Cahiers, auteur theory, and the new wave

The start of our presentation will be an overview of Cahiers du cinema, their politique des auteurs, and then the formation and history of the French new wave movement. In addressing the Cahiers group, I will provide an overview of their cinematic ideals and to provide a framework for the exhibit visitors to gain a better knowledge and perspective on Cahiers and its influences. As the starting point of the exhibition, it will be important to provide a comprehensive yet concise background on the filmmakers in question and their places in film history. Their theory of authorship will be the next portion of the exhibit, as it marks the transition from film critics to filmmakers for the new wave directors. There will be a comprehensive overview of the new wave movement itself, beginning in the period under German control and working through to the 1960s. This will allow the visitors of the exhibit to not only gain an understanding of this critical moment in film history, but to also gain knowledge about the influences of one of cinema’s greatest directors, Alfred Hitchcock. I hope that the background information provided enlightens the viewers both about the exhibit and about film history in general, and inspires them to go out and gain knowledge independently. 


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